2012 Toyota Aventis Facelift

September 7th, 2011 by By tonie # Toyota

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Toyota released the new face of Toyota Avensis Facelift who will attend the upcoming 2012. From the photo that was released some time ago Toyota, 2012 Toyota Avensis Facelift looks more elegant.

Regarding design, the 2012 Toyota Avensis Facelift adopted a bumper that is wider than previous generations. Still wrapped with a black color and lighting with modern technology that gives an elegant impression on this car.

As reported by Newcarpicture on Wednesday (09/07/2011) 2012 Toyota Avensis facelift has good suspension and comfortable. With interior and exterior design that can provide driving comfort in the streets.

2012 Toyota Avensis Facelift is planned to be performed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this September. 2012 Toyota Avensis Facelift claimed as one example of car design the future.

Regarding the kitchen runway, Toyota Avensis Facelift will be wearing this 2012 2.0 petrol engine with CVT transmission multidrive S. This blend can create performance and use of biofuel in an efficient and low emissions.

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